Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Middle School Newsletter, Term 1, Week 9


 Term 1, Week 9

Welcome to the final Middle School Newsletter for Term 1 2019! What an amazing fortnight it has been in Grades 3 and 4. 

This fortnight we have had a focus on respect and what it means. Students have shared their ideas and feelings around their definition of the word and how we apply this to our learning and interactions with teachers, peers, family members and the wider community. The results have been outstanding and we are very proud to say that we have noticed a greater awareness of behaviour and attitude among students in regards to their learning and interactions with each other. Check out some posters of our group brainstorming session in 'Spotlight'.

Without a doubt the highlight this fortnight was our Woolworths Excursion at Thrift Park. Students enjoyed a guided tour, including behind the scenes, and an informative presentation by Mel and Kathy from Woolworths. We met many staff members who spoke to students about their jobs and we learnt many interesting and education facts about fruit, vegetables, environmental sustainability and healthy eating. Student also enjoyed watermelon and fruit Skewers and received a bag full of information, games and goodies. We are very proud of how all students behaved and participated in the excursion, they should be extremely proud of themselves.

We wish you all a safe, relaxing holiday and happy Easter with family and friends, and look forward to another fantastic, fun filled Term when we return on April 23rd. 

Wednesday April 3rd: Eat4Life Incursion
Friday April 5th: Last day Term 1
Tuesday April 23rd: First Day Term 
Thursday April 25th: Anzac Day
7th (3/4A), 8th (3/4B) & 9th (3/4C) May: Questacon Virtual Excursion




*Homework: Students have been putting a fantastic effort into their homework and have been enjoying the additional Inquiry based activities. These activities are not compulsory, although we encourage parents and students to work together to find solutions. Please support your child to have a 'growth mindset' when completing activities. This means having a go, giving it your best shot, and if you can't complete the activity, asking for help, or choosing to focus on your spelling instead - there is no reason to stress. Students are familiar with the SMART spelling program. Each night, they should "Look, Cover, Write, Check" for each of their highlighted words, as well as their BOB Words (refers to Back of Book - practice words from their daily writing.) Students have an additional activity grid to choose a spelling activity from each week or an activity from a topic we are focusing on in class may be included. A minimum of 15 minutes of reading each night can be recorded in their Reading Journal. Please speak to your child's teacher if you have any questions about the homework process.

* Please ensure that all students wear helmets if they are riding or scooting to school. If students are not wearing a helmet, they risk serious injury in the event of a crash. 

* We always welcome parent/family helpers in the classroom. If you are interested, please ensure you provide a copy of your Working With Children Check to the office. More information can be found at:  

* Term 1 continues to be a SunSmart term - please ensure your child has a MPPS wide brim hat for recess and lunchtimes. Students without hats will be asked to play in the shaded areas.

*Attendance Requirements
If your child is sick or absent, you are required to notify the school as soon as possible on the day of absence, through FlexiBuzz, phone or email. Notifying the school of your child’s absence either prior to, or on the day that they will be away, helps ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and will fulfill your legal responsibility. From Term 2 2018 onward, all Victorian government schools are required to contact parents/carers as soon as practicable on the same day of an unexplained student absence. If your child is absent on a particular day and you have not contacted the school to explain why, the absence will be marked as unexplained. This system also promotes daily school attendance. Going to school every day is the single most important part of your child’s education, they learn new things every day – missing school puts them behind.

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