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Level 3 Newsletter: Term 4 Week 3

Level 3 Newsletter: Term 4 Week 3


Learning and Teaching

In Year 3/4 We Are Learning To....

READING: use personal experiences and background knowledge to help with our understanding of words and how they work.

WRITING: understand the structure and language used in a narrative.

MATHS: identify possible events and the likelihood of them occurring.

UNIT OF STUDY: explore 'Wonderful Creatures'. Examine the animals and people in Alice in Wonderland and other fantasy texts, research to learn more about Alice's Wonderland, generate ideas to create individual Wonderlands using mind maps and brainstorming techniques.

THINKING: explore the characteristics of curious thinkers: set goals despite uncertainty and be optimistic you can work things out.

SPELLING: develop understanding of the meaning of the weekly words, break words into sounds and syllables, identify the 'tricky' parts of the words and listen and write the words from a dictation passage.

eLEARNINGuse the iPads and Netbooks to support and extend learning through Mathletics and Reading Eggs and for research and publishing purposes.

 Calendar Dates

29th October: School Disco
3rd November: Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday
6th November: Footsteps Dance lessons begins(5 weeks)
4th December: Carol's Evening
 11th December: Whole school House Sports
15th December: Students reports sent home
18th of December: Last Day of 2015 

Current notices

Level 3 Sport: This term Level 3 sport will be held Friday just before lunch. The activities students will be participating in will include cricket, four square (hand tennis), dancing and kick ball.  Students are encouraged to wear hats and appropriate footwear.

Sun Smart: With the weather warming up students are required to wear a hat when they are outdoors.  Sunscreen and keeping hydrated are also encouraged. We are fortunate to have lots of shade around the school for the comfort of the students.

Homework: Homework this term will be assigned each Monday and is due on the Friday.  Homework consists of Mathletics, reading and spelling. If due to your family schedule you require the weekend to complete the homework, please let the class teacher know either through a note or email.

Disco: The school disco will be on next Thursday the 29th of October.
Prep to Grade 2... 4:30-5:30pm
Grade 3 to 6... 6:00-7:30pm

Making News...

Achievement Awards from weeks 2 and 3:
3/4H- Eliza and Leah
3/4O- Elyse and Bianca
3/4S- Ethan and Luke M
3/4G- Dylan and Charlie

In level 3 we have been looking at different types of Poetry such as Limericks and Haikus. Here are some examples of our creative poetry skills.


There once was a knight called Phil,
His friends thought he was a dill.
He liked to slay dragons
And carry them home in wagons,
To give to his brother Bill.

Luke K

There once was a man in the army,
He like to eat salami.
He liked dogs and cats
And swinging cricket bats,
But he got washed away in a tsunami.



The wonderful breeze.
The pollen and the nice bees.
When the plants grown big.

Sam S

Nature holds beauty.
It may seem like plants and trees.
There is more to it.


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