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Level 3 Term 4 Week 7 - 16/11/15

Level 3 Newsletter: Term 4 Week 7


Learning and Teaching

In Year 3/4 We Are Learning To....

READING: use clues within the text to predict the development of the text and its characters, and draw conclusions to infer and create more precise meaning of the text.

WRITING: structure procedural texts that detail a sequence of instructions to be followed. Additionally, we are learning to correctly use present tense and keep procedures to the point.

MATHS: represent money values in multiple ways and solve problems that involve the purchase and calculation of change to the nearest five cents.

UNIT OF STUDY: generate solutions for the characters and the environments we have imagined in order to survive. We will continue constructing both characters and environments, bringing them to life!

THINKING: maintain persistence and allocate energy to 'thinking attention' in order to think through a problem or confront something unknown. This kind of energy is essential for curiosity.

SPELLING: develop understanding of the meaning of the weekly words, break words into sounds and syllables, identify the 'tricky' parts of the words and listen and write the words from a dictation passage.

eLEARNINGuse the iPads and Netbooks to support and extend learning through Mathletics and Reading Eggs and for research and publishing purposes.

 Calendar Dates
6th November: Footsteps Dance lessons begins (Fridays for 5 weeks)
4th December: Carols Evening
 11th December: Whole School House Sports
15th December: Student reports sent home
18th of December: Last Day of 2015 school year

Current notices

Level 3 Sport/Footsteps: Footsteps is Friday's Physical Education and is from 9:50-10:40 in the Hall. Students are preparing dances to be performed at the Carols Evening, and so far they look spectacular! After Footsteps concludes, Level 3 sport will be held on a Friday. The activities students will be participating in will include cricket, four square (hand tennis), dancing and kick ball.  Students are encouraged to wear hats and appropriate footwear.

Sun Smart: With the weather warming up students are required to wear a hat when they are outdoors.  Sunscreen and keeping hydrated are also encouraged. We are fortunate to have lots of shade around the school for the comfort of the students. Please remind your child that we do not lend hats and or encourage sharing of hats. If a child is without a hat, they can required to play in the shaded area.

Homework: Homework this term will be assigned each Monday and is due on the Friday. Homework consists of Mathletics, reading and spelling. If due to your family schedule your child requires the weekend to complete their homework, please let the class teacher know either through a note or email.

House-colour-athon: Please return your forms and sponsorship money as soon as possible to support the school. A daily draw is held for a Kids' Cafe voucher, so make sure to get yours in! All money raised goes towards new playground equipment

Recent World Events: There were some tragic events which occurred last week in Paris and other parts of the world that your children may have seen or heard about through the media or through others’ conversations. Children often worry and know more than we realise. Adults may assume that children are doing okay if they don’t talk or ask questions about what has happened. Sometimes they have questions they may not ask unless we provide the opportunity. The Department of Education and Training offer the following advice for parents:

Advice for Parents
        It is wise for you to monitor your child’s exposure to television coverage, print media and social media.

        Some children and young people will want to talk about the tragic events and try to make sense of what they have both seen and heard.

        Other children will avoid any discussion around the events and will be reassured by routine and normality.

        Remember the importance of routine, sleep, exercise and healthy eating.

There is a range of things you can do to assist your child during events such as this, including:

        Acknowledge that the event was distressing
        Reassure children that they are safe
        Look for signs of distress (e.g. some children/young people might be scared)
        Normalise  responses - typical response will range from anger to general upset or sadness
        Maintain a normal routine - keeping the structure at home or at school in place
        Allow children to express feelings as they arise
        Telling stories about how people manage during difficult times can be helpful.
        Separate fact from fiction e.g. children may express fears about unrelated events.
        Plan relaxing activities before bed – talk your child through a gentle relaxation, this might include using soothing music and talking them through relaxing tension in their body or simply reading something to them that induces relaxation (i.e. a favourite book).
        Speak in hopeful terms – children and young people will often take their cues from their parents' reactions; if you are honest, calm, compassionate and open they will be much more able to trust that they will be okay.
Always remember the value of doing something with children that they like to do such as playing, exercising, being outdoors - have a time during your day to share time with your child.

Making News...

Achievement Awards from week 6 and 7:
3/4H Sienna: For her ability to identify different events and the likelihood of them occurring. Keep up the great work!
Luke K: For his excellent efforts towards writing his narrative called 'The Very Very Lonely Man'. Keep up the great work Luke!
Hugo: For being an excellent role model and working hard to complete all tasks. Keep up the great work Hugo!

3/4O- Faye: For increased efficiency in her work and clear and expressive reading abilities. Keep it up!
Angus: For always being a kind and thoughtful student towards his peers!

3/4S Hannah C: For carefully reading Chance and Data questions to give accurate answers.
Darcy: For your organisation and taking responsibility for your own learning.

3/4G Georgia: For demonstrating good understanding of division using long division. Great work!
Holly: For being a Times Table Superstar!  Keep up the great work.

Walk-A-Thon Maths by Riya

Remembrance Day
Speech written and spoken by Leah, Billy and Faye

Good afternoon teachers, parents and students. My name is Faye, this is Leah and Billy. We are here to talk to you about Remembrance Day. Remembrance Day is on Wednesday the 11th of November. It is very important this year as it will be the 100th year. On the 11th of the 11th we observe one minute silence to show respect to those who died or suffered for Australia’s cause in all wars and armed conflicts.
The JSC will be selling pins for one dollar, two dollars or five dollars, wristbands at three dollars, bag tags at four dollars and pens at five dollars.
They will be selling them to students from 8:45am to 9:00am or after school at the office for parents only. Grade 2s will be attending the Mentone RSL for the ceremony from 9:20 till lunch. Could each class please put together a wreath or some flowers out of respect to lay at the Mentone Park ceremony we will be having on Wednesday.

Maths Olympiad 2015
Throughout this year, 18 dedicated Year 4-6 students have voluntarily given up their lunchtimes and time at home each week to represent our school in the 2015 Maths Olympiad. The Maths Olympiad is a challenging competition for high achieving maths students. It allows individuals to ‘put their talent to the test’ and compete against other students from across Australia and New Zealand.
These students have worked hard to develop their maths problem solving skills in this challenging competition. The students are:

Year 4
Nat P, Amy L, Sonia B, Daniel M & Hugo Watson

 Year 5
Rory W, Adam C, Daisy F, Nathan G, George B & Taite M

Year 6
George N, Dan H, Zach A, Jake H, Aaron N, Kanan N & Tristan P

Congratulations to these students for their dedication and efforts throughout the year. Special mention goes to Dan, Aaron and Kanan who received the highest results in our school, achieving within the top 30% of all students.

Paper Planes by 3/4 G

Hello, we’re from 34G. We are here to talk about our paper plane fundraiser.
We are raising the money for the Keysborough Animal Shelter to help animals be healthy and safe.  Animals that have no home go to the shelter for adoption.  People can adopt an animal and give it a new home.
We will be sending the money to Keysborough as a donation.  
We thought it would be kind hearted to raise money to help animals in need.
So how can you be involved? We are going to be selling paper planes in 34G from 8.45 till 8:55 every morning this week.
We are selling planes for 50 cents, ninja stars for 30c and boats for $1.00.  This week we have a special offer of 'buy one plane and get a free boat'.
These people helped us on this project: Declan, Jack, Matt, Kosta, Tanner, Nick, Dylan H, Charlotte and Georgia.
Here are some of the tasks we did: we made paper planes, boats and ninja stars of different designs, some people designed and created posters, some photocopied the posters, the decorating designers made the designs interesting and appealing, we collected and counted the money and some of the team researched to learn more about the shelter to check it was a good place to donate to.
So far we have raised over $50.  Please help us help the animals and donate or buy.
Thank you to everyone who has already donated money and bought our products.

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