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Middle School Term 2 Week 4

Middle School Newsletter: Term 2 Week 4


Learning and Teaching

We Are Learning To....

 create and ask questions of a text. Asking questions before reading stimulates interest and engages initial curiosity. This encourages students to frame their learning goals and to activate existing knowledge.

WRITING: develop then elaborate fictional ideas when writing narratives. The students are developing their ability to plan and then write descriptive and engaging fictional pieces. 

V.C.O.P. (Vocabulary Connectives Openers Punctuation): continue to develop our knowledge of the V.C.O.P. process by linking it to our unit on narrative writing. The students will investigate relevant vocabulary, narrative connectives and interesting openings.

MATHS: measure, order and compare objects using familiar metric units. The students will explore the unit of measurement completing a range of hands-on learning experiences involving length, area, capacity, volume and mass.

UNIT OF STUDY (Biological Science - 'Among the Gum Trees'): understand that living things have life cycles and living things, including plants and animals, depend on each other and the environment to survive. The Middle School students begin their studies into biological science in our Among the Gum Trees unit. This hands-on science unit will develop the students' scientific understanding, inquiry skills and ability to see science as a human endeavour.

SPELLING: use SMART spelling strategies including breaking words into sounds and syllables, identifying the 'tricky' parts of the words and writing the words and sentences from a dictation passage.  Emphasis will also be placed on understanding the meaning of the words with students encouraged to include the words in their writing and oral language.

eLEARNING: use the iPads and Netbooks to support and extend learning through Mathletics and Reading Eggs and for research and publishing purposes.

 Term 2 Calendar Dates

NAPLAN DAYS (tests take place in the morning)
10th- Language Conventions and Writing
11th- Reading
12th- Numeracy

Friday 13th May: Middle School Excursion to CERES
Tuesday 17th May: Italian Day
Wednesday 18th May: Maths Olympiad 1
Wednesday 18th May: Science Family Fun Night
Wednesday 1st June: Division Cross Country
Monday 13th June: Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
Tuesday 14th June: Regional Cross Country

Current notices

Homework in the Middle School is sent home on a Friday and due back the following Thursday. The homework consists of reading (minimum of 4 nights), Mathletics activities and SMART spelling-look, say, sound, spell, write, check.
We would appreciate if parents could record and sign in the student diary when students complete their homework tasks.

Reading Eggs and Mathletics:
All students have individual passwords to access both of these programs.  In Term One we encourage students to explore activities to revise and extend their learning.  These programs are online tools which students use to enhance their learning. 

Students are given set Mathletics tasks to be completed for homework.  This week the focus is on Numeration and Place Value.

Making News
Achievement Awards from Weeks 2 & 3
Maya for planning and developing a detailed and impressive piece of persuasive writing.
Ben for consistently striving for excellence in the work that he does and for always doing the right thing in and out of the classroom.
Talia for showing excellent understanding of grammar.
Kade for providing interesting ideas.

Tyler for his efforts towards improving his writing.
Angie for her ability to create an accurate fraction wall and use it to find equivalent fractions.
Josh for his persistence when working through problems involving fractions.


 Celebrating our Learning
Middle School Excursion to CERES
Friday 13th May

To support our studies into environmental science, the Year 3 and 4 classes will be going on an excursion to CERES Community Environment Park (Stewart Street & Roberts Street, Brunswick East) on Friday 13th May, 2016. Students will travel by bus to CERES, leaving school after 9am and returning before 3:30pm.

CERES have more than 30 years’ experience in providing development for learners of every age and background to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape a sustainable future. While at CERES, the students will participate in workshops investigating indigenous plants, sustainable gardening and seed planting.

CERES works on the RETHINK-REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE policy. Students will need to bring a waste free lunch to the excursion. The aim of a waste free lunch is to reduce the waste that goes into the lunch making process. CERES encourages students and teachers to experience how easy it is to make less rubbish and to positively contribute towards social and environmental sustainability.

Students are required to bring a (waste-free) packed lunch including a snack and a drink bottle. All students are expected to wear full school uniform and will need to dress appropriately for an outdoor excursion, bringing a jacket in case of rain or cold weather.

Please ensure the permission form is returned as soon as possible and that you have paid the excursion levy for the year.

Maths Olympiad
 The 2016 Mentone Park Maths Olympiad team has now been selected and are currently in training!

There will be weekly lunchtime practise sessions focussing on preparing students for the five Olympiads between May and September. These sessions will focus on developing a range of problem solving and critical thinking skills, while also giving students practise in what to expect in the actual Olympiad.

The approximate dates for the Olympiad are as follows:
Wednesday 18th May
Wednesday 8th June
Wednesday 27th July
Wednesday 17th August
Wednesday 7th September

The Middle School students selected to represent Mentone Park are:

Year 4

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