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Middle School- term 3 week 5

Middle School Newsletter: Term 3 Week 5


Learning and Teaching

We Are Learning To....

 revise our reading strategies and reflect on those we use when reading and use visualising to create pictures in our minds to understand our reading.

WRITING: revise our writing goals and work on strategies to improve our writing and write a postcard based on the activities at camp.

V.C.O.P. (Vocabulary Connectives Openers Punctuation): use relevant and powerful connectives. 

SPELLING: use SMART spelling strategies including breaking words into sounds and syllables, identifying the 'tricky' parts of the words and writing the words and sentences from a dictation passage.  Emphasis will also be placed on understanding the meaning of the words with students encouraged to include the words in their writing and oral language.

MATHS: interpret simple maps and identify relevant positions of key features, create and interpret grid maps to show position and pathways.

UNIT OF STUDY: (Location, Location, Location / The Olympic Games): This term the Middle School students will use the upcoming Rio Olympic Games as a springboard to study geography and the culture of countries competing. They will also investigate the different athletic events, the history of the Games and the team work and camaraderie they provide.

eLEARNING: use the iPads and Netbooks to support and extend learning through Mathletics and Reading Eggs and for research and publishing purposes.

 Term 3 Calendar Dates

August 17-19th - 3/4 Camp to Log Cabin Camp, Creswick
August 22nd - 25th Book Fair
August 24th - Maths Olympiad 4
August 29th - Swimming Program commences
September 2nd - District Athletics Carnival
September 7th - Maths Olympiad 5
September 14th & 15th - School Production

Current notices

Logical Thinking Challenge
This term selected students from Years 3-6 will participate in the Logical Thinking Challenge to challenge their logical problem solving skills.

The Logical Thinking Challenge is an adaptive on-line test which has been developed by the University of Melbourne.  The questions the students will be answering will cover a range of skills including the areas of Logical, Measurement, Numerical and Spatial.

The test comprises of 24 multiple choice questions which will be completed during class time in the week of the 15th-19th August.

The school will receive a report of student results. We will notify parents through the newsletter when we receive the results.

Let’s encourage our students to be curious and rise to new learning challenges and opportunities!!

Swimming - Payment Due 15th August
Please could all payments be finalised for swimming and all notices/ permission forms be completed by Monday 15th August.

Homework in the Middle School is sent home on a Friday and due back the following Thursday. The homework consists of reading (minimum of 4 nights), Mathletics activities and SMART spelling-look, say, sound, spell, write, check.
We would appreciate if parents could record and sign in the student diary when students complete their homework tasks.

Reading Eggs and Mathletics:
All students have individual passwords to access both of these programs.  We encourage students to explore activities to revise and extend their learning.  These programs are online tools which students use to enhance their learning. 
Students are given set Mathletics tasks to be completed for homework.  This week the focus is on Division.

Making News
Achievement Awards for Week 3 and 4 of Term 3
Amy - for working hard to improve her handwriting and persisting during challenging tasks.
Araiz -for working hard on his joined writing and improving his focus in class. 
Sarah - for using her growth mindset to understand division. Good job!
Anni - for working hard to understand division.  Well done!
Lua - the descriptive words and diagrams used to improve her procedure writing. Well done!
Evan - challenging himself and persisting while solving difficult division problems. Keep it up!
Luke - for his positive attitude towards developing his reading and writing skills.
Edward - for his ability to use a range of mental and written strategies to solve division problems 

Morning Bell Times
An adjustment has been made to the morning bell times. Students are welcome to enter their classrooms to prepare for their school day from 8:50 each morning. A first bell will sound at 8:55 which is a reminder for all students to enter their classrooms. A second bell will sound at 9 o'clock which will signal the start of the day's learning. Thank you.

Middle School Camp - Log Cabin Camp, Creswick - August 17-19, 2016
The Grade 3 and 4 Camp has been booked from Wednesday the 17th to Friday the 19th of August, and this year we are off to Log Cabin Camp in Creswick. This is the second time camp has been offered to both Year 3 and 4 students and is also the first time Mentone Park Primary School has attended Log Cabin Camp. This camp links with our Units of Study for Term 3 and 4 (Location, Location, Location and History), and will be run during the even years with the Angahook Adventure Camp in odd years.

As a part of the camp, students will have the opportunity to visit Sovereign Hill in Ballarat. Here, they will have a tour of the ‘Open-air Museum’, completing different historical activities and attending the Sound and Light show Blood on the Southern Cross.

The cost of the camp is $300. The deposit of $100 was due Friday the 15th of July. Thank you to all those who have paid the deposit. The rest of the payment can either be paid in two instalments or one final payment. Final payment was required by Wednesday 10th August. If you have trouble meeting the financial payments, please see Anne in the office for further information regarding a payment plan/options.
Payments for Camp are now available on the Qkr app.

Celebrating our Learning

Olympics Mania!
As part of our inquiry unit we are investigating the Olympics.  Last week we investigated the mascots of the Olympics.
Here are some facts we learnt about the mascots.

Mascots are designed to represent the country staging the Olympics.  They are used so that people know more about the country and its culture.
This year the Rio Olympics has two mascots.  Their names are Vinicius and Tom.

I am the Paralympic Games mascot. 
I was born on the 2nd of October 2009. 
I am a mixture of Brazilian animals.
I am a magical creature.
I am a mixture of plants from Brazil.
I have naps on water lilies.
I inspire people to use creativity and determination to try things.
This helps them when they have problems.
I like learning about the world.
I play all Paralympic sports.

I am the Olympic Games mascot.
I was born on October 2009 but my age is not counted like yours. 
 I live in a treehouse in the Tijuca forest.
I live my life playing, jumping, running, smiling - just like all the kids.
I can stretch and stretch myself.
I was born out of an explosion of joy when Rio was announced as the home of the 2016 Olympics.
I love meeting new people all over the world.
My best friend is Tom.

If you had to design a mascot for your family, what would it look like?
Do you know any other mascots?
What is Mentone Park Primary School's mascot? 

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