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Middle School: Term 3 Week 9

Middle School Newsletter: Term 3 Week 9


Learning and Teaching

We Are Learning To....

 determine what are the most important parts of what we read. We will practise doing this by using a range of reading strategies across a variety of text types.

WRITING/V.C.O.P.: 'up-level' our Big Write narrative on life in Ballarat in the 1850s. We will use the VCOP student friendly assessment guide to improve our pieces of writing, focusing on things such as vocabulary, connectives, openers, punctuation, descriptive language and paragraphing, to name a few things!  

SPELLING: use SMART spelling strategies including breaking words into sounds and syllables, identifying the 'tricky' parts of the words and writing the words and sentences from a dictation passage. Emphasis will also be placed on understanding the meaning of the words with students encouraged to include the words in their writing and oral language. For the next two weeks we will revise the words we have looked at this term.

MATHS: explore the concept of probability through a range of activities. We will explore the possible outcomes of chance experiments, develop our ability to use the language of probability and make links between chance and fractions.

UNIT OF STUDY: (Location, Location, Location / The Olympic Games): For the final two weeks of this term, the Middle School students will work on their in-class project which will answer the key question of 'how and why are places similar and different?' The students will compare and contrast Australia with their country of study this term. They will research and then show the similarities and differences between the geographic features of the two countries.

eLEARNING: use the iPads and Netbooks to support and extend learning through Mathletics and Reading Eggs and for research and publishing purposes.

 Term 3 Calendar Dates

Friday 9th September - Swimming Program concludes
Friday 9th September - Footy Day
Tuesday 13th September - School Production Dress Rehearsal (at School)
Wednesday 14th Sep. - School Production Dress Rehearsal (at Parkdale SC)
Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th September - School Production
 Friday 16th September - Last Day of Term 3
Monday 3rd October - First Day of Term 4 
(remember that Term 4 is a Sun Smart Term) 

Current notices

Homework in the Middle School is sent home on a Friday and due back the following Thursday. The homework consists of reading (minimum of 4 nights), Mathletics activities and SMART spelling-look, say, sound, spell, write, check.
We would appreciate if parents could record and sign in the student diary when students complete their homework tasks.

Reading Eggs and Mathletics:
All students have individual passwords to access both of these programs.  We encourage students to explore activities to revise and extend their learning.  These programs are online tools which students use to enhance their learning. 
Students are given set Mathletics tasks to be completed for homework.  This week the focus is on Division.

Morning Bell Times
An adjustment has been made to the morning bell times. Students are welcome to enter their classrooms to prepare for their school day from 8:50 each morning. A first bell will sound at 8:55 which is a reminder for all students to enter their classrooms. A second bell will sound at 9 o'clock which will signal the start of the day's learning. Thank you.

Making News
Achievement Awards for Weeks 7 and 8 of Term 3
Emily- for creating an excellent postcard based on her time at camp last week.
Sam- for working hard to improve his handwriting and not giving up! 

Seb- for showing initiative to create a 3G banner to inspire our learning.
Lucy- for answering reading questions comprehensively.

Olivia- for generating excellent ideas for her writing, including a letter to the teachers about why we need new books in the library.
Drew-  for her detailed and insightful narrative about the 1800's and the Gold Rush.

Holly - for her developing ability to read and interpret maps which include direction, key and scale.
Jordyn - for her ability to create a detailed 'open minded portrait' to visualise the thoughts and feelings of a character from Ballarat during the 1850s.

Icy Poles!

To raise money for the Grade 6 Graduation Ceremony, icy-poles will be sold on the following dates:

Thursday 15th September (Recess only)
Every Tuesday in Term 4 (Recess only)

V.C.O.P. Big Write

Thank you for taking the time to chat with your child about the writing topic given out last week. As a result students were excited and prepared for the Big Write session and were eager to write and share their ideas. 
Keep an eye out future Big Write topics!

Swimming Program 🏊

Our School Swimming Program at Don Tatnall Leisure Centre is now well under way! The students have enjoyed swimming each day and their confidence in their swimming skills have developed tremendously over this time! 

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