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Middle School Newsletter 2017: Volume 10

Middle School Newsletter: Volume 10
Term 3 
Weeks 2 & 3

What has been happening in the Middle School?

Welcome back everyone. The Middle School team hope you all had a restful break and have come back to school ready for another busy and fun filled term. The two major events for the Middle School this term are our camp to Anglesea (23-25 August) and the swimming program (28 August - 8 September).
Our teaching and learning is already well underway with Australian History being our Inquiry focus this term. Students will focus on how life has changed over time and recognise significant events that have caused these changes.

Learning and Teaching

We Are Learning To (WALT)....

connect different texts to our own lives and other texts that we have read  and the world that we live in

understand and use the structure of a procedural text. We have also completed our first Big Write for the term.

To use efficient mental and written strategies to solve multiplication problems

Grade 3:The graph /a/ making the sound “a” as in baby and the graph /g/ making the sound “j” as in giant

Grade 4: Words ending in the consonant suffix -ness, The graph /y/ making the sound “y” as in yawn and The graph /i/ making the sound “i” as in onion

UNIT OF STUDY (History) 
Explain how and why life changed in the past, and identify aspects of the past that remained the same.

Pursue your personal best, no matter who you are working with.

Term 2 Calendar Dates

Friday 4th August: Camp Notices Due
Tuesday 8th of August: Parent/Teacher Interviews
Sunday 13th August: Working Bee
Monday 14th August: Swimming Notices Due
Monday 21st to Friday 25th August: Book Week
Wednesday 23rd to Friday 25th August: Middle School Camp to Angahook
Monday 28th August to Friday 8th September: P-4 Swimming
Tuesday 29th August: Father’s Day Stall
Monday 4th September: District Athletics
Wednesday 20th September: Footy Day
Friday 22nd September: Last Day of Term 3

Current Notices

Middle School Camp

Camp is fast approaching. Could all medical and dietary forms please be returned to your child’s classroom teacher by Friday 4th August so that planning can be finalised. Also, make sure all payments have be finalised with the office by this date too.

bCyberwise - Online Safety

Most children are unaware of the digital footprint they leave every time they post online and the harmful effects it can have on themselves, or on others. Similar to regular discussions we have with the students encouraging them when interacting face to face, the same applies online.
Always T.H.I.N.K.
T- is it TRUE?
H- is it HELPFUL?
K- is it KIND?

To read more about the program your child participated in please visit this link: bCyberwise

Or download the bCyberwise Monster Family App: Monster Family App

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