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Term 2 Vol 6 Week 3 & 4

Term 2 2018, Volume 5, Weeks 1 & 2

The weather is cooling off but learning in the Middle School certainly hasn't!

Swimming concluded last week with students enjoying a fun day on Friday and swimming certificates were awarded this week to celebrate student's aquatic achievements.

On Tuesday Middle School students participated in the ‘Captains and Convicts’ incursion which supported their learning in this term’s unit of Inquiry ‘We Are One We Are Many’. Students participated in a variety of hands on activities learning about the endeavours of those who explored the world and life in Colonial Australia.

We have been busy preparing the Year 3 students for NAPLAN next week, familiarising them with possible tasks, the layout of the papers and timeframes, to ensure they are prepared, stress free and confident for next week. While NAPLAN is important we feel that it is vital to reassure students that it is a snapshot of their ability on one day and they just need to simply try their best. We know your child’s academic abilities but more importantly, we know your whole child. We know their strengths, passions, interests and humour and while NAPLAN is essential, it does not define who your child is or what they are capable of.

Wednesday 15-17th May NAPAN (Year 3 and 5 students)
20 - 26th Education Week
Monday 21st MPPS Simultaneous Book Read
Tuesday 22nd May - Italian Day
Thursday 24th May- Open Night 6pm-7:30pm
Friday June 1st- Curriculum Day (student free day)
Monday 11th June - Queen's Birthday PUBLIC HOLIDAY- NO SCHOOL
Tuesday 19th: Excursion to the Melbourne Museum
Friday 29th Last Day Term 2 

22nd-24th Log Cabin Camp, Creswick. More information will be available soon.

WEEK  3& 4

In READING we have been focusing on identifying the important parts of a text.

During the past two weeks in WRITING we have been revisiting the structure of a persuasive piece of writing.

In the last couple of weeks in MATHS we used different subtraction strategies and solved measurement and geometry problems

The key question that we looked at in INQUIRY was why the Europeans settled in Australia.

 The PITW key concept we focused on was treating others the way we would like to be treated.  

Our focus in SPELLING in Week 4:
G3The graph /o/ making the sound “o” as in frog and the digraph /ho/ making the sound “o” as in honest
G4- The graph /k/ making the sound “k” as in kitten and the trigraph /que/ making the sound “k” as in antique

WEEKS 5 & 6
In READING during weeks 5 we will be Determining Importance and reading information to support our Unit of Inquiry 
In week 6 we will be focusing on Knowing How Words Work within our Reading Groups.

During the next 2 weeks in WRITING we will be supporting students to further develop their skills in genres we have covered to date and in week 6 we will be starting a unit on poetry.

Over the next couple of weeks in MATHS we will be learning about Measurement through a variety of hands on activities.

Students continue to be engaged in our INQUIRY topic and will investigate aboriginal languages and how aboriginal people interacted within their clans.

Our focus in SPELLING:
Week 5
G3The trigraph /ear/ as in hear
G4- The digraph /ou/ as in famous

Week 6:
G3The graph /c/ as in city
G4- The digraph /ch/ as in chef

 The PITW key concept we will be focusing on is 'Pursuing Your Personal Best No Matter Who You Work With'.

  • Please encourage your child to record their nightly reading in their diaries and bring both their book and diary to school daily.
Italian Day Tuesday 22rd May, 2018

Ciao everyone,

For those families new (and ‘old’) to Mentone Park Primary School, this is an invitation for your child to attend our Annual celebration of Italian Day and enjoy a day full of Italy-inspired activities and fun!
There will be a Parade in the morning. Children will then be rotating in ‘across grade’ groups during the morning period, followed by a PFA ‘Pizza and Gelato combination’ lunch, if desired, and ending with the day’s reflections in students’ classroom.
Prep children will be looked after by their grade 6 ‘Buddies,’ who will take them to each new rotational activity. Groups will be a blend of girls and boys from all grade levels and approximately the same in number.

What to wear? 
As it is a very special day, children are encouraged to come dressed in Italian-inspired clothing- Italian chefs, Italian food, opera singers, sports people, actors, Ancient Roman soldiers, Gods/Goddesses, Pinocchio, Mario Brothers…Otherwise, simply in the colours of Italy-Green, white and red! Do NOT feel costumes need to be bought. Simple is best.

What to bring?
Sensible footwear for playing in, Play lunchown lunch, if not purchasing the ‘Pizza/Gelato’ combination being ordered through Parents and Friends, and a big SMILE.                                     

Any queries, please see Signora Beer

Play Is The Way

Captains & Convicts Incursion

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