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Level 3 Term 2 Week 2 - 22/4/15


Learning and Teaching

Welcome to Term 2 from the Level 3 Team. We hope that you all had a great Easter and a fantastic break.

In Year 3/4 We Are Learning To....

READING: determine important information in fiction and non fiction texts. For fiction texts, the reader identifies main ideas and infers themes of the story. For non fiction texts, the reader retains information and decides what is most important.

WRITING: write persuasively by forming arguments related to a particular issue or idea. Our aim is to consider both sides, and persuade others by arguing one side of the issue.

MATHS: model and represent fractions as part of whole objects and on a number line. Equally dividing objects, groups and lines into: halves, thirds, quarters, fifths, sixths and so on.

INQUIRY: investigate the history and geography of the ANZACs landing at Gallipoli and the importance of celebrating the 100th Centenary. Integrating our reading and writing focusses for the week, students are reading about the history and determining the most important pieces of information, and writing persuasively about the importance of celebrating ANZAC Day.

eLEARNING: use the iPads and Netbooks as research tools for inquiry to find information, maps and pictures about the ANZAC experience. The devices are also used to support and extend learning with programs such as Mathletics and Reading Eggs, and publish writing.

Calendar Dates

Friday 24th April - Cross Country Trials from 12-1pm
Friday 24th April - ANZAC Ceremony at 3pm
Friday 1st May - Passionate Pursuits begins
Saturday 2nd May - Bunnings BBQ
Wednesday 6th May - Mother's Day Stall
Monday 11th May - Education Week
Tuesday 12th to Thursday 14th May - Year 3 NAPLAN
Tuesday 19th May - Italian Day
Thursday 21st May - Jump Rope For Heart Day
Monday 25th May - Curriculum Day (student free day)


Current notices

ANZAC Ceremony: To commemorate 100 years, our special ceremony will be held at 3pm on Friday and will be attended by members of the Mentone RSL. Students are welcome to bring along poppies to lay at the ceremony and the sale of commemorative items continues daily at recess and lunchtime, courtesy of the JSC.

Passionate Pursuits: The Year 3-6 Teachers are very pleased to offer the following Passionate Pursuits to students every Friday after lunch (as of week 3). All Passionate Pursuits welcome and encourage parental involvement, and some may require students to bring in bits and pieces from home (with your permission of course!). See the below table for information.

Miss Oates - The Chicken Coup Group
To keep school shoes clean,  have you got old shoes or gumboots? Donations for the Chook Shed (hay, feed etc.) are also greatly appreciated, as are parent helpers!

Mrs Smith - Construction Zone
Recyclable materials, such as boxes are needed for construction.

Mrs Grisdale - The Yarn Users
Do you have any spare wool, knitting needles or crochet hooks? If you like creating with any of the above and would like to join, please do!

Mr Hardie - Guitar Heroes
Students will need a guitar (preferably acoustic). The school has limited spares, but guitars can be found at Opportunity Shops.

Miss Dicker - Wandering Walkers
Feel like stretching your legs? Join in for a walk around the local area!

Mr Wilton - Chess Champions
Any old chess boards lying around that aren't being used? Fancy a game yourself?

Mr Sloan - The Pull Apart Zone
Got some old junk around the house that doesn't work anymore? Old VCR's, remotes and devices etc. are needed (with permission) to be pulled apart and put back together.

Mrs Lough - You’re the Voice
Can you hold a tune? Sing along!

Ms Parker - The Yoga Place
Relax and keep calm with some yoga!

Lisa - Sensational Scrap Bookers
Scrapbooking is a beautiful way to treasure memories, therefore students will need to bring along photos (we encourage copies) and any additional decorative pieces they may like to use. Is it a hobby of yours too? Get stuck into it!

Bunnings BBQ: Helpers are needed to cook and serve on the day. Please contact the office if you have any free availabilities to help on Saturday 2nd May, or follow the link

Cross Country: Miss Laycock is running trials for cross country this Friday from 12pm. Students run in age groups around a school course. If you are able to lend a hand on the day, please let her know.

Kids' Cafe: All students enjoyed a delicious taste test of the new hot food items for Term 2 in the Kids' Cafe. However without parent helpers, Liz may not be able to run the hot menu. Any help that can be given is greatly appreciated!

Making News
Achievement Award Recipients...
3/4H- Emma: for her understanding of what makes a good paragraph. Your writing skills are fantastic!
3/4O- Riya: for her enthusiasm and writing skills around our ANZAC theme. Well done!
3/4S- Evie: for excellent work on her ANZAC ode and participation in class discussions.
3/4G- Dylan: for being the first secret student in 3/4G!

Persuasive writing by 3/4O
Dear Ms Parker,
The class of 3/4O strongly believe that we should be in charge of running the Mentone Park Chook Shed. We are very passionate for the following reasons.
Firstly, we are a responsible class who demonstrate this daily by entering the building sensibly at the bell and reading silently.
Secondly, we love animals and many of our class members are responsible pet owners. Thirteen out of twenty two students have pets, some have more than one. Four students currently do not have a pet but have had experience with pets in the past.
Last but not least, the rescued chickens are being provided by Louise Cook (Ben’s mum) who has experience with chickens. We also have class members with their own chickens or experience with caring for chickens.
We really believe we are the right class for the job because we are caring and always work hard to show the school values. Miss Oates would also like to help and run her Passionate Pursuit in the Chook Shed!
Thank you for considering our letter. We hope to hear from you soon!
Yours sincerely,
3/4O J
Persuasive writing by Darcy 3/4S
It is important to celebrate ANZAC Day
I believe that people have fought in this war and have made the world a better place to live, with peace and nice houses and lots of other wonderful things.
Firstly, it must have been really hard for those who lost a father or son in the war.
Secondly, I'm supporting all of the amazing people who have fought in this war and sacrificed their lives to give us more freedom.
I personally believe we all should celebrate ANZAC Day out of respect.
ANZAC work from across the level


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