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Level 3 Term 2 Week 4 - 6/5/15

Another busy week with lots of fantastic learning going on. Check out our showcase at the bottom!
Learning and Teaching

In Year 3/4 We Are Learning To....

READING: ask questions before, during and after reading a text. Asking questions prior to reading generates curiosity and engages students with the text through title and cover. During reading, asking questions assists in creating a dialogue with the text in the students mind. Questioning after reading stimulates further exploration of the text. We are questioning our texts by using who, what, when, where, why and how.

WRITINGwrite persuasively by forming arguments related to a particular issue or idea. Writing is structured in the form of a poster, letter, text or newspaper article with persuasive devices to enhance the writers point of view. Currently we have been working on pieces to persuade the local community to assist with supporting our chickens. 

MATHS: apply our knowledge of fractions to problem solving tasks and continue to model and represent fractions as part of whole objects and on a number line. To assist problem solving, links are made to multiplication, division and decimals as students use hands on materials to manipulate and explore possible answers.

INQUIRY: question the concept of force and movement to explain physical sciences and how things work. Students will investigate push and pull and how ramps, levers, pulleys and other simple machines can work together to create force and movement.

eLEARNINGuse the iPads and Netbooks as tools for inquiry to record and research experiments. The devices are also used to support and extend learning with programs such as Mathletics and Reading Eggs, and to publish writing.

BULLY PREVENTION: define bullying so that we know it is hurtful and deliberate, happens over a period of time and is an imbalance of power.

Calendar Dates

Monday 11th May - Education Week
Tuesday 12th to Thursday 14th May - Year 3 NAPLAN

Tuesday 12th
Language Conventions
Wednesday 13th

Thursday 15th

Monday 18th May - John Monash Science Invisit (Ramps, Levers and Pulleys)
Tuesday 19th May - Italian Day (Dress up and multi-age activity day)
Thursday 21st May - Jump Rope For Heart Day

Friday 22nd May - District Cross Country (Venue T.B.A)
Monday 25th May - Curriculum Day (student free day)

Current notices

NAPLAN: NAPLAN testing begins next week for the grade 3's and an information sheet was sent home for students earlier in the week. We are trying to encourage a calm and stress free environment. It's really important that students have plenty of sleep, a good breakfast and lots of water to keep them fueled for the day. 

Passionate Pursuits: Passionate Pursuits kicked off to a wonderful start last week and saw students engaged in a variety of wonderful activities! Some activities require students to bring things from home, things to be donated (if possible) and parent helpers. Please feel free to contact the teachers if you would like to share their passion and get involved. Below is the list of activities and any items/help that may be required.

Miss Oates - The Chicken Coup Group
To keep school shoes clean,  have you got old shoes or gumboots? Donations for the Chook Shed (hay, feed etc.) are also greatly appreciated, as are parent helpers!

Mrs Smith - Construction Zone
Recyclable materials, such as boxes are needed for construction.

Mrs Grisdale - The Yarn Users
Do you have any spare wool, knitting needles or crochet hooks? If you like creating with any of the above and would like to join, please do!

Mr Hardie - Guitar Heroes
Students will need a guitar (preferably acoustic). The school has limited spares, but guitars can be found at Opportunity Shops.

Miss Dicker - Wandering Walkers
Feel like stretching your legs? Join in for a walk around the local area!

Mr Wilton - Chess Champions
Any old chess boards lying around that aren't being used? Fancy a game yourself?

Mr Sloan - The Pull Apart Zone
Got some old junk around the house that doesn't work anymore? Old VCR's, remotes and devices etc. are needed (with permission) to be pulled apart and put back together.

Mrs Lough - You’re the Voice
Can you hold a tune? Sing along!

Ms Parker - The Yoga Place
Relax and keep calm with some yoga!

Lisa - Sensational Scrap Bookers
Scrapbooking is a beautiful way to treasure memories, therefore students will need to bring along photos (we encourage copies) and any additional decorative pieces they may like to use. Is it a hobby of yours too? Get stuck into it!

Kids' Cafe: The winter menu is up and running and any parents/carers that are able to assist, please contact Liz.

Making News
Achievement Award Recipients...
3/4H- Lua Carbonell-Rivela & Evan Vrionis
3/4O- Hannah Wardell & Daniel Grimshaw
3/4S- Sonia Banik & Ky Kane
3/4G- Dylan Gillespie

This week: Design Briefs, Science at Home and Persuasive Letters

Design Briefs

How To Make a Straw Whizzer
Aim: To discover science about force
Materials: 2 straws and 1 pair of scissors
1. Get 1 straw and cut approximately 1/3 (note: make sure you don't cut off the bit that extends!)
2. Then cut 1 small line at one end of the straw you cut already.
3. Roll some of the smaller straw and put the bit you just rolled into the other straw. Don't put the straw into the bit that extends.
4. Now make sure the two extending bits are facing different ways!
5. Blow into the longer straw.
You will see that the wind you make, makes it propel. 
By Sonia 3/4S

How To Make A Straw Whizzer

AIM: To discover the science about force.
MATERIALS: 2 straws and scissors
1. Get a straw
2. Cut straw in half
3. Cut a line in the straw on the side that you don't drink from
4. Stick the straw into the other straw on the side you don't drink from
5. Make both of the ends you drink from face 45 degrees in a different direction from each other
6. Blow into one end and watch it spin
CONCLUSION: I've learnt that you can blow into a straw and the pressure will make the straw spin

By Daniel M  3/4S

Persuasive Letters
Dear Green Gang,

My name is Jack and I'm a grade 4 student at Mentone Park Primary School learning about what to feed chickens and what not to.

We would like to have food scraps to help those chickens lay eggs and hope that you can donate the food scraps to us.

Reason one because we have to make sure the chickens stay healthy.

Secondly our chickens were rescued from a battery farm.

Thirdly as you have heard the schools new chickens need lots of food scraps that we hope we can get from sponsors and vegetables grown at school.

From listening to my teachers I think it would be great if we could put a silver beet plant in the chicken coop.

I think they are really happy in their coop.

Thank you for listening. I hope you can help us.

From Jack 3/4G

Dear Scicluna's,

Our school, Mentone Park P.S., has recently just rescued ten new chickens and we need a lot of food to feed them.

The only problem is, it costs a bit too much for our school so we would be grateful if you could donate some of these foods: bok choy, silver beet, spinach, cabbage, endive, cauliflower leaves and non dry beans.

Rotten food, peanuts, citrus fruits, apple seeds, onion, garlic, rhubarb and avocado would make them sick.

So we would appreciate you donating some food for the poor ex-battery hens to keep them healthy.

From Hugo 3/4H 

Dear Woolworths,

Our school (Mentone Park Primary) now has 10 chickens and we were wondering if you could donate some scraps.

Firstly, if you give them scraps, they'll be happy and give us some eggs in return.

Secondly, they are rescued chickens and they are very skinny and cold so we need to give them food scraps to bulk the chickens up so they warm up.

Finally, it's a good use of scraps instead of throwing them out.

If you do consider donating scraps, we will need the following: silverbeet, banana skins, potato skins and carrot.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Our chickens are counting on you!!!!

Yours sincerely,

Mitchell 3/4O

Science at Home

Charlotte and Georgia were inspired by a cool science video that we watched, so they went home and conducted their own experiment!

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