Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Level 3 Newsletter: Term 3 Week 3

Another busy week with lots of exciting learning.

Learning and Teaching
In Year 3/4 We Are Learning To....

READING: make connections between ourselves and both fiction and non fiction texts, as well as making connections from texts to other texts that we read. We will also be looking at, and furthering our understanding of, predicting what is going to happened before, during and after we read.
WRITING: understand the structure and features of an information report.
MATHS: develop our multiplicative thinking skills. We will discover different strategies to assist with division and dividing into equal groups, with and without remainder.

UNIT OF STUDY: explain how communities have changed throughout Australian history and identify events and aspects of the past that have significance in the present.

eLEARNINGuse the iPads and Netbooks to support and extend learning through Mathletics and Reading Eggs, and to publish writing. Additionally we are using ICT to support our research into our history unit.

Calendar Dates
Thursday 30th July - Curriculum Day (No School)
Monday 3rd August - 2nd Camp Installment Due
Wednesday 5th August - Parent Consent and Confidential Medical Information Forms for Camp Due
Friday 14th August - Final Camp Installment Due
Sunday 16th August - School Working Bee
Monday 24th August - Dress Up Book Parade: Literacy and Numeracy Week
Wednesday 26th-Friday 28th August - 3/4 Camp Angahook
Friday September 4th - P-4 Swimming Program begins

Current notices
 School Camp: Our first Grade 3 and Grade 4 camp is happening this term on the 26-28th August. Last term expressions of interest were sent out and the final cost has been confirmed at $270. This week students will receive Parent Consent and Confidential Medical Information Forms that are to be returned by Wednesday 5th August. 

Passionate Pursuits: Students have enjoyed the opportunity to participate in extra curricular activities as part of the Passionate Pursuits program.  Did you know that there are also extra curricular activities outside class time such as the Glee Club, Art Antics, Gardening Club and the Running and Circuit groups which run either before school or at lunchtimes? This term students have chosen from a variety of old and new pursuits and will begin them this week! 

Athletics: Miss Laycock is busy preparing our students for athletics and training rotations will be Friday mornings, grades 3-6. If any parents are available to assist during these sessions, could you please let either Miss Laycock or your child's teacher know.
Swimming: Beginning Friday 4th of September, grades Prep through to Four will begin a swimming program at the Don Tatnell Leisure Centre. The program will run daily over 10 days. Permission slips went home last week, can they please be returned ASAP.

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability Collection Notice
All schools in Australia, including Independent and Catholic schools, will participate in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability this year.

The Data Collection is an annual count of the number of students with disability receiving educational adjustments to support their participation in education on the same basis as students without disability.

All education agencies are now required under the Australian Education Regulation 2013 to provide information on a student’s level of education, disability and level of adjustment to the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.* Data will continue to be de-identified prior to its transfer to the Australian Government Department of Education and Training. No student’s identity will be provided to the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

The collection of this information from states and territories will inform future policy and program planning in relation to students with disability.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the School Assistant Principal - Alison Lough on 9583 4935 or the Victorian Department of Education and Training Data Collection Hotline on (03) 9651 3621. For questions after 7 August 2015, please call the Australian Government Department of Education and Training on 1300 566 046.

Sonia Banik from 3/4S performing at assembly.
Sonia has achieved a Level 5 grading with her violin.
Melbourne Museum- Friday 24th of July
                                    Luke and Daniel trying out some toys from the mid 1900's.
                                            An original Luna Park 'Scenic Railway' carriage.
                                     Lucas, Josh and Mitchell are confused by the old TV's
                                                         (Where has the colour gone?)
                                  A Chimney in the Forest Gallery (Nice Photo Bomb Baylin)
                                                              A Blue Whale skeleton.
                                                           Monkey See...Monkey Do.
                                                                    The Dinosaur Walk.
                                                 Shuta, Luke and Euan looking at the ants.
3/4H was the first group for the educational activity called 'Fun and Games'. It was about what children in the past used for entertainment starting from the Aboriginal era. One person from each table got to go an select a box of old toys from different time eras. Our table got the Melbourne Gold Rush era. Our favourite toy was a set of knucklebones.
 Hugo 3/4H.
I had fun at the Melbourne Museum. It was very interesting to learn lots about history.
I would go again if I could!
 Darcy 3/4S
 History is things that happened in the past. In the past they didn't have electricity, cars, trucks and video games. In the 1900's, photos didn't have colour, but things change and now they do. Do you want to know what five minutes tardy means? 'Tardy' means late. If you were five minutes late you had to say in for an hour after school. Fact: did you know that one pound was a lot of money back then? 
Ethan 3/4S

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