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Middle School Newsletter 2017 - Volume 3

Middle School Newsletter: Volume 3
Weeks 6-7

What has been happening in the Middle School?

It has been another busy couple of weeks in the Middle School! From the exciting arrival of our new furniture, to a visit from the Life Ed Van on cybersafety, to yoga sessions and our involvement in the Footsteps 'Social and Emotional Learning' program there hasn't been a dull moment!

We say thank you to Mr Kenny Horn for his work setting up the year in the Middle School, while welcoming Miss Jessica McDonald. Miss McDonald has already settled into her role, forming bonds with the students and staff at MPPS. We wish her all the best for a great year!

Learning and Teaching

We Are Learning To (WALT)....

 Use information in texts to visualise what we read. We are learning to use descriptive language to make visual images in our mind.

WRITING/V.C.O.P.: Understand the structure of a persuasive text. We are looking at how to set out a persuasive piece of writing and how to structure arguments.

MATHS: Design surveys, collect data and represent this data accurately on appropriate graphs. The students will then make observations about the information they have collected.

Year 3: The digraph /or/ making the sound ‘er’ as in worm (week 6). 
The graph /l/ making the sound ‘eh’ and the graph /e/ making the ‘l’ sound as in table (week 7).
Year 4: The digraph /tt/ making the sound 't' as in letter (week 6).
The digraph /gg/ making the sound 'g' as in egg.

UNIT OF STUDY: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Soul

PLAY IS THE WAY: Have reasons for the things you say and do.

YOGA: Be active listeners.

Term 1 Calendar Dates

Monday 20th March: Free Dress Day
Tuesday 21st March: Meet the Teacher Sessions (Miss Oates & Miss McDonald)
Saturday 25th March: MPPS School Fete
Friday 31st March: Last Day of Term 1

Current Notices


Our school Fete is slowly creeping up with only 2 weeks to go! Our grades are very excited to have been placed in charge of the following stalls...

Middle H - Sausage Sizzle
Middle O/B- Plant Stall
Middle M - Soapy Throw Game
Middle W- Silent Auction

The children are busy creating flyers and decorations for the stalls, but they need your help to run it on the day. If you can help out by coordinating a roster, taking a shift on the stall or contributing something for the stall (or any other stall) please let us know asap! Lists are up just before you enter the glass doors of the Middle Area for parents/helpers to sign up.

It would be great if you could contribute an item towards this hamper (or any other hamper) or to the Weekly Challenges leading up to the Fete.
Continuing Challenges:
- Groceries
- Bottle of wine
- Block of chocolate and wrapped bag of lollies
Upcoming Challenges:
- Lucky dip
- Plants and seedlings
- Cake

If there is any other way in which you could help with the Fete, please be sure to see us so we can pass on your details to the Fete Committee! 


Dear Middle School Families,

What a fantastic start to 2017 it has been in our brand new classrooms. All children have settled in quickly. We have had a few questions this past week about homework, how it will be administered?… what types of homework there will be?... when will it start? etc.

The homework for Middle School Students in 2017 will include the following:

-          Reading: minimum 4 nights per week, signed off in diary by an adult.
                What book was read?
                How long did they read for?

-          Spelling: weekly spelling word practice to be completed each night.

Additionally, students can choose to do extra spelling tasks from the spelling grid in their homework books as well as the online maths program Mathletics and literacy program Reading Eggs. Please note that none of these additional options are compulsory and are student/family choice.

Homework will be handed out on a Monday (starting 20/02/17) and the expectation is that it is handed in on Friday morning.

Kind regards,

Nick Wilton, Matt Hardie, Maddie Oates, Jess McDonald and Sue Beer

The Middle School Teachers

Big Write

Our Big Write occurs fortnightly, and Friday 3rd is our second session (Big Write will usually occur on Thursday, however this week it is on Friday). Below is our topic this week which will be sent home on the Wednesday night. This is a valuable opportunity to assist your child in generating and expanding their writing ideas.

bCyberwise - Life Education Van

Throughout the week each class has visited Harold in the Life Education Van to participate in the bCyberwise Program. It was really interesting to see that in this digital age, the vast knowledge students have of operating and navigating online social media. What was most surprising was the amount of students who are underage, yet have access to another persons or their own account. Most children are unaware of the digital footprint they leave every time they post online and the harmful effects it can have on themselves, or on others. Similar to regular discussions we have with the students encouraging them when interacting face to face, the same applies online.
Always T.H.I.N.K.
T- is it TRUE?
H- is it HELPFUL?
K- is it KIND?

To read more about the program your child participated in please visit this link: bCyberwise
Or download the bCyberwise Monster Family App: Monster Family App

Sun Smart

As we are a Sun Smart school we request that students wear hats when outside in Term 1.  Those students without hats are asked to be in the shaded eating area. We have provided students with sunscreen and encourage them to apply the sunscreen before going out. If you wish to provide your own sunscreen we require a Material Data Sheet before it is brought to school.

Making News

Yesterday afternoon, the Middle School opened their doors and invited their parents in for an open afternoon. The parents were able to see first hand the students working in their new open learning centre using the fantastic new furniture. The students were preparing for their upcoming Big Write session, using a cartoon booklet style graphic organiser to plan their ideas. A big thank you to all the parents (and grandparents) who came to visit!

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