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Middle School Newsletter 2017 - Volume 4

Middle School Newsletter: Volume 4
Weeks 8-9

What has been happening in the Middle School?

With the fete over and nearing the end of a busy, yet wonderful term 1, the students have been reflecting individually and collaboratively about term 1. Throughout the term we have adapted to the new flexible and open learning space, along with new furniture and new teachers. From reflection, the Middle School (students and teachers) have had interesting feedback that we will adapt so that our transition into term 2 is both seamless and smooth. 
Feedback included:
> variety of flexible furniture provided comfort for different learners and allowed the workings of 1:1, small groups, large groups, year levels or the entire Middle School
> Play Is The Way is helping us work towards being responsible for our own actions - including the way we treat others, the new area and the control of our noise levels
> together we are working on the same things at the same time to make sure there is consistency among the Middle School and depending on what we are working on, our noise level is appropriate to that situation

We look forward to an excellent term 2 where we will be exploring chemical science and our Play Is The Way values in greater detail. Additionally we'll be starting and reviewing new and old topics in reading, writing and maths. 

From the entire Middle School Team, we wish everyone a happy and safe holiday and would like to thank everyone for their support throughout a busy term!

Learning and Teaching

We Are Learning To (WALT)....

reate pictures in our head to help understand what is happening in the story
WRITING/V.C.O.P.: Understand the structure of a persuasive piece

MATHS: Use different different strategies to solve addition problems
Year 3: The graph /y/ making the sound “i” as in pyramid
Year 4: The graph /y/ making the sound “i” as in pyramid
UNIT OF STUDY: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Soul

PLAY IS THE WAY: Have reasons for the things that you say and do (blue rule) and it takes great strength to be sensible (yellow rule)

YOGA: Being peaceful and grateful

Term 1&2 Calendar Dates

Friday 31st March: Last Day of Term 1 (2:30 Finish)
Tuesday 18th April: First Day of Term 2
Friday 21st April: ANZAC Day Assembly
Tuesday 25th April: ANZAC Day Public Holiday
Tuesday 9th May- Thursday 11th May: NAPLAN testing

Current Notices

Last Day

Assembly will be held at 1:30pm (location of hall or basketball courts is weather dependent). It is our final assembly for the term and sure to be a big one with the Easter Raffle being drawn. School will be dismissed at 2:30pm.

bCyberwise - Life Education Van

Throughout the week each class has visited Harold in the Life Education Van to participate in the bCyberwise Program. It was really interesting to see that in this digital age, the vast knowledge students have of operating and navigating online social media. What was most surprising was the amount of students who are underage, yet have access to another persons or their own account. Most children are unaware of the digital footprint they leave every time they post online and the harmful effects it can have on themselves, or on others. Similar to regular discussions we have with the students encouraging them when interacting face to face, the same applies online.
Always T.H.I.N.K.
T- is it TRUE?
H- is it HELPFUL?
K- is it KIND?

To read more about the program your child participated in please visit this link: bCyberwise
Or download the bCyberwise Monster Family App: Monster Family App

Making News

To help raise funds for the Royal Children's Hospital, we had some superstar Middle School students who were brave enough to shave. Well done to Leeroy, Ben, Georgios, Lambros and Kade.

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