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Middle School Newsletter 2017 - Volume 5

Middle School Newsletter: Volume 5
Term 2 
Weeks 1-2

Welcome back!

Welcome back to Term 2. We hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday period and were able to rest and relax. We have another busy, yet exciting term ahead of us that we can't wait to get started!

Reflection of Term 1 

At the conclusion of Term 1, students reflected individually and collaboratively about the adaption to the new flexible and open learning space, along with new furniture and new teachers. From reflection, the Middle School (students and teachers) had interesting feedback that we will adapt so that our transition into Term 2 is both seamless and smooth. 
Feedback included:
> variety of flexible furniture provided comfort for different learners and allowed the workings of 1:1, small groups, large groups, year levels or the entire Middle School
> Play Is The Way is helping us work towards being responsible for our own actions - including the way we treat others, the new area and the control of our noise levels
> together we are working on the same things at the same time to make sure there is consistency among the Middle School and depending on what we are working on, our noise level is appropriate to that situation

What has been happening in the Middle School?

We have had a magnificent start to the term after reviewing and breaking down our Middle School Expectations for greater understanding. Students expanded on the meaning of each expectation and gave everyday examples of each. We have also established quiet zones and the whole area is a walk only zone.
Middle School Expectations
1. Clean up after yourself
2. Be a team player!
3. Respect others by listening, giving eye contact and showing understanding
4. The right attitude and polite manners can take you anywhere!
5. Keep noise and movement APPROPRIATE around the Middle School Area
6. Give EVERYTHING a go!
7. It’s ok to make mistakes. Learn from it! 

With routines, learning and fun back in full swing in the Middle School Area, we are excited to begin our Science Inquiry Unit this term beginning with Chemical Sciences and moving on to Magnetic Moves! 

Learning and Teaching

We Are Learning To (WALT)....

 determine important facts in texts

WRITING/V.C.O.P.: write persuasively by arguing one side of an issue and the use of Vinny Vocabulary
MATHS: use a range of strategies to solve subtraction problems
Year 3: the trigraph /are/ makes the sound 'air' as in square
Year 4: the digraph /wr/ making the sound 'r' as in wrist
UNIT OF STUDY: immerse ourselves in chemical science by exploring the way a change in state between solid and liquid can be caused by adding or removing heat.
PLAY IS THE WAY: Treat Others As You Would Like Them to Treat You - If someone is unlike you, seek to understand them.

Term 2 Calendar Dates

Friday 28th April: Cross Country Trials
Tuesday 9th May- Thursday 11th May: NAPLAN testing
Monday 15th May: Mad About Science Invisit Middle W & OB
Friday 19th May: Mad About Science Invisit Middle H & M
Tuesday 23rd May: Italian Day
Monday 5th June: Forces, Friction and Movement Invisit

Current Notices


To support students with the upcoming NAPLAN testing (Grade 3's for the first time and Grade 4's again next year in Grade 5), we have introduced new literacy rotation activities to prepare and support students based on their individual abilities. We are also preparing students through our Writing program and within Maths lessons. We are trying to encourage a calm and try your best approach to NAPLAN to avoid any unnecessary stress or anxiety in students.

Upcoming Invisits for Term 2

To support our studies into Science this term, there will be two exciting science workshops running (one for each of our two units). Details are as follows and please ensure that this month's excursion/invisit levy has been paid as soon as possible.

Mad About Science Invisit - Monday 15th May & Friday 19th May (1 session per class)

Mad About Science presents ‘The Matter of Matter’ workshop. Students will investigate the three states of matter in a fun and exciting way. This workshop supports the Middle School’s Term 2 unit of Chemical Science.

Fizzics Education Invisit  - Monday 5th June

In the Forces, Friction & Movement Show students will look in depth at how push and pull forces act to move objects. They will also explore what variables impact friction between two surfaces and how this impacts on object movement. This workshops supports the Middle School’s Term 2 unit of Physical Science.

bCyberwise - Online Safety

Most children are unaware of the digital footprint they leave every time they post online and the harmful effects it can have on themselves, or on others. Similar to regular discussions we have with the students encouraging them when interacting face to face, the same applies online.
Always T.H.I.N.K.
T- is it TRUE?
H- is it HELPFUL?
K- is it KIND?

To read more about the program your child participated in please visit this link: bCyberwise
Or download the bCyberwise Monster Family App: Monster Family App

Making News

We held a 'Panel of Peers' in an activity called Green-Red-Orange based on a series of statements and whether or not they followed the Golden Rule "Treat Others As You Would Like Them to Treat You". Our panel members held up a green card to agree, red card to disagree and orange card if undecided. This prompted great discussions as some statements had no right or wrong answer.
Example Statements:
- When someone pushes me, it's alright for me to push back
- You must keep a secret no matter what
- Looking cool is more helpful than being good
- It's alright to tell a lie sometimes
- If people are unlike us, we should be suspicious of them

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