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Middle School Newsletter: Volume 14

Middle School Newsletter: Volume 14

Term 4

Weeks 1, 2 & 3

What's happening in the Middle School?
Come on and sing along....."It's the final countdown!"
Term 4 is a long one....11 weeks full of fun and festivities to cap off a brilliant year! We have some exciting happenings so be sure to check the Calendar Dates section below.

The teachers are especially looking forward to seeing what the students achieve in our new inquiry unit called What Floats Your Boat? We are sure you have heard lots about this and like us, can't wait to see the final product! In only a few sessions, the students have already shown how eager they are to explore this new topic which is so pleasing. Just what we like to see....enthusiasm, self motivation and team work!

Learning and Teaching
We Are Learning To (WALT)....

ask questions related to the text at different stages of reading
make inferences by using our schema and the clues in the text that we read

understand the structure of a recount and use this to write about an event from the school holidays
explore poetry and use the structure of a Haiku to publish our very own

tell the time to the minute and investigate different units of time
solve division problems using our knowledge of different strategies

Week 1
Grade 3: The digraph /aw/ making the sound “or” as in saw
Grade 4: The graph /n/ as in net, the digraph /nn/ as in dinner, the digraph /kn/ as in knee

Week 2
Grade 3: The trigraph /our/ as in colour.
Grade 4: The graph /m/ as in mouse, the digraph /mm/ as in hammer, the digraph /mb/ as in lamb

Week 3
Grade 3: The graph /e/ making the sound “eh” as in garden.
Grade 4: The quadgraph /eigh/ as in eight, the split digraph /a-e/ as in tape


UNIT OF STUDY (Design and Technology): 
Exploring materials that float and brainstorming ideas in groups to create a boat that will float and hold a weight. Look how much fun we had exploring materials!!

Pursue your personal best, no matter who you are working with.
Emotional triggers and how we react to the triggers.


Term 4 Calendar Dates

Friday 27th October: Play is the Way Open Day- 11.30-1.30
Friday 3rd November: Whole School Photo
Tuesday 7th November: Melbourne Cup Day - No School - Giddy Up!
Monday 27th November: Excursion to Taskworks. See QKR for payment and please return orange permission form asap
Thursday 16/11, 23/11, 30/11, 7/12, 14/12: STOMP dance program.

Friday 1st December: Whole School Walk-A-Thon. More details soon
Friday 8th December: Whole School House Athletics - all day
Friday 15th December: Carols Night
Friday 22nd December: Last Day of Term 4- Jingle Bells!!!!!!!!

Making News
Term 4 - Design & Technology
Stay tuned for information regarding our 'Boat Launching Day'. A great opportunity for family and friends to see what the students have achieved in this unit.
Have a great week,

Nikki, Jess, Matt and Nick



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