Monday, 26 February 2018

2018_Term 1_Volume 2

Term 1 2018, Volume 2, Weeks 4 & 5   
Time flies when you are having fun and we cannot believe that already we are half way through Term 1. We are extremely impressed with how students have transitioned and settled into 2018. The 'buzz' of engaged learning continues to be heard in the Middle School Learning Centre as students enjoy mixing with their peers across the Level to explore and engage in the various learning opportunities.

Our Middle School Information Evening was a great success on Tuesday night and it was lovely to see so many enthusiastic, supportive parents. If you were unable to attend please check your child's bag to ensure you receive your Information Book that has  been sent home which outlines expectations and important information for this year.


Friday 2nd- Session 4 of Triskills
Friday 9th- Session 5 Triskills
Monday 12th- Labour Day PUPIL FREE DAY
Wednesday 21st - Harmony Day
Friday 23rd - Jump Rope 4 Heart
Monday 26th - School Photo Day
Thursday 29th - Easter Raffle drawn
Thursday 29th - Last Day Term 1
Monday 16th - First Day Term 2
Monday 23rd - Friday 4th May Swimming
Wednesday 25th Anzac Day PUPIL FREE DAY
22nd-24th Log Cabin Camp, Creswick. More information will be available soon.
In READING during week 4 we learnt how to make connections between ourselves and the books that we read. This week we have been learning how to make inferences and predictions to assist our comprehension.
During WRITING in week 4 and 5 we have been looking at different persuasive texts and how they are organised. We have written, edited and published our own persuasive arguments. 
Our topic for MATHS in week 4 was Place Value and students worked in ability based groups to extend their knowledge. This week we have been recording, representing and analysing Data.
Students continue to be engaged in our INQUIRY topic and have been enthusiastically learning about rules and laws in week 4 and our local government in week 5.
Our focus in SPELLING is:
Week 4: 
  • Grade 3: The digraph /ge/ making the sound 'j' as in cage.
  • Grade 4: The graph /t/ making the sound 'ch' as in nature
Week 5: 
  • Grade 3: The graph /y/ making the sound 'e' as in pony.
  • Grade 4: The digraph /re/ making the sound 'eh' as in metre
The PITW key concept we have been focusing on this week is treating others the way we would like to be treated.
  • Don't forget to return your Easter Raffle tickets by March 26th
  • Thank you for your support with the Easter Raffle. Please ensure your Easter donations for the hampers are brought in by March 23rd.
  • Wear suitable attire on Fridays for Triskills (shorts under dresses for girls)
  • Please encourage your child to record their nightly reading in their diaries and bring both their book and diary to school daily


Graphing in Maths




Literacy in the Middle School






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