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Term 2 2018, Volume 7, Weeks 7 & 8

Term 2 2018, Volume 7, Weeks 7 & 8

♫ Under the sea
Under the sea
Darling it's better
Down where it's wetter, t
ake it from me....♫   

Mentone Park commemorated World Ocean Day on Wednesday, dressing up and providing a gold coin donation for the I See, I Care Dolphin Research Institute. Every Middle School student pledged to minimise the impact that they have on the environment.


Monday 11th June - Queen's Birthday PUBLIC HOLIDAY- NO SCHOOL
Tuesday 19th: Excursion to the Melbourne Museum
Thursday 28th: Open afternoon in the Middle School to present projects to parents
Friday 29th Last Day Term 2 
Monday 16th - Term 3 begins

Wednesday 22nd- Friday 24th Log Cabbin Camp :)

WEEKS  7& 8
In READING we have focused on understanding what we read and using our schema to complete comprehension activities based on our Inquiry unit of Australian History. 

For the past 2 weeks in WRITING we have been exploring a range of different styles of poetry, giving the students a chance to experiment with their writing and dazzle with the presentation of their work. 

In MATHS we have been developing our skills in ability based multiplication groups. The students have been working at their point of need on developing their multiplication strategies and then using these strategies to solve different problems. Keep practising your times tables at home!
Students continue to be engaged in our INQUIRY topic and will be working on their projects (see below for more details).

Our focus in SPELLING:
Week 7
Year 3 The prefix inter
Year 4 The digraph /ai/ as in snail

Week 8
Year 3 Contractions
Year 4 The suffix -ment

 The PITW key concept we have been focusing on is 'Be Brave - participate to progress.'


WEEKS 9 & 10
Our next READING strategy is Knowing How Words Work. The students will be using techniques like 'finding word meaning in context' to develop their vocabularies and knowledge of words.
In WRITING the students will shift their attention towards Information Reports. Throughout this unit we will be investigating the structure of a non-fiction report, look at different research methods and how diagrams and photos can enhance a report.

In MATHS we will continue to explore multiplication strategies and processes in our ability-based groups.

Our focus in SPELLING:
Week 9
Year 3 The digraph /se/ as in horse
Year 4 the suffix -ly

Week 10
Year 3 The digraph /oi/ as coin
Year 4 The digraph /ce/ as in ice

  • Please encourage your child to record their nightly reading in their diaries and bring both their book and diary to school daily.
  • Students need appropriate foot wear for 3/4 SPORT each Wednesday.
'We Are One, We Are Many' Project

Museum Excursion- Tuesday 19th June, 2018
To celebrate a brilliant unit of Inquiry, the Middle School will be heading to the Melbourne Museum for an excursion. The cost of this excursion is included in the Excursion Levy.

Tuesday 19th June - Week 10.  
Students need to be at school at 8:45 as the busses will be leaving at 9 o'clock.

What to wear? 
Full school uniform.
What to bring?
Play lunch, lunch, water.                              

More information to come in a notice soon...

World Ocean Day

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