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Term 2 2018, Volume 8, Weeks 9, 10 & 11

Term 2 2018, Volume 8, Weeks 9,1 0 &11


What a wonderful day we had at the museum! We were engulfed by an active volcano with ash and lava flowing around us, surrounded by huge spiders and swarms of bugs, dwarfed by gigantic prehistoric creatures and mesmerised by the spiritual being Bunjil the eagle. Students spent an educational, fun filled day exploring the Melbourne Museum and participating in the First Peoples workshop. Our guides, Isabel and Sarah, explained megafauna, languages, traditional hunting methods and ways of life. Students enjoyed participating in activities and consolidating the learning we have been engaged in during our unit of Inquiry.

Student reports will be sent home on Monday 25th June and please remember to book your Parent Teacher Interview online. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your child’s progress and future goals.
Students are eager to welcome you all to the Middle School Open Afternoon next Thursday 28th June at 2:45pm. They will celebrate and showcase the History Projects they have worked hard to produce throughout the term.

Thank you for all your support during Term 2 and we look forward to a fun and productive Term 3.

Tuesday 26th: Parent Teacher Interviews 2pm-7:30pm
Thursday 28th: Open afternoon in the Middle School to present projects to parents
Monday 16th - Term 3 begins
Monday 16th Production practise begins with STOMP

Tuesday 14th- Whole school Silly Scientist in-visit
Wednesday 22nd- Friday 24th Log Cabbin Camp :)

WEEKS  9&10
In READING we have focused on understanding what we read knowing how words are used to make meaning in the text. We also studied different homophones such as their, there and they're.

For the past 2 weeks in WRITING we have been researching a range of different animals, planets and people. The students then used this research to create information reports.

In MATHS we finished off our ability based multiplication groups. We also began our probability unit where the students have needed to describe the chances of certain events occurring.
Students continue to be engaged in our INQUIRY topic and are beginning to finish off their research projects on either a famous Australian or a megafauna. Some amazing projects are near their completion and we look forward to seeing them next Thursday (28th June)

Our focus in SPELLING:
Week 9
Year 3 The digraph /se/ making the sound 's' as in horse
Year 4 The consonant suffix -ly

Week 10
Year 3 The digraph /oi/ making the sound 'oi' as in coin
Year 4 The digraph /ce/ making the sound 's' as in ice.

 The PITW key concept we have been focusing on is having reasons for the things you say and do. We linked this to our new laptops by creating guidelines and rules for the use of computers in the Middle School. The students then had to sign and agree to them. 


Our next READING strategy is Questioning. The students will be using their novels to generate questions based on what has happened and what will happen.
In WRITING the students will begin their introduction to procedures. We will be making Chocolate Crackles and then writing up how we made them.

In MATHS we will be doing an overview of all topics that have been covered this year such as probability and multiplication.

Next week in SPELLING we will be doing a range of different activities that will allow students to put their spelling skills to the test.

In ICT the students will begin their unit on cyber safety and learn what information should and shouldn't be placed online.

  • Please encourage your child to record their nightly reading in their diaries and bring both their book and diary to school daily.
  • Students need appropriate foot wear for 3/4 SPORT each Wednesday.
Melbourne Museum

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