Thursday, 2 August 2018

Term 3 2018, Volume 9, Weeks 1, 2 & 3

'I'm so excited"
"I just can't hide it"

What a term we have ahead of us! Not only have we begun our Friday morning athletics rotations but there's Book Week, Camp, Production and Footy Day!

For Weeks 2,3,4 and 5 the students will be participating in athletics events, both track and field and trying to get their best results. If there are any parents free on a Friday morning from 9:20-11:00 any help would be greatly appreciated.

Production is coming along nicely with the students practising very hard every Monday with Ange from STOMP. For those of you who have not had a chance to read the whole school newsletter published last week, out production will be at Kingston Arts Centre on the 4th of September with the theme being 'Under the Circus Top'.

Over the past two weeks the students have been participating in a Maths program known as Scaffolding Numeracy for the Middle Years (SMMY). This program provides students with authentic, real world problems which require students to use all of their mathematical skills to reach a reasonable solution. Their focus over the last few weeks has been pocket money and working out how much they could earn doing different jobs around the house and how long it would take them to reach a certain budget. We had students purchasing a range of objects ranging from bikes to new furniture for their bedrooms.

Friday 10th August- Medical Forms due back
Tuesday 14th- Whole school Silly Scientist in-visit
Wednesday 15th- Final Payment for School Camp due
Monday 20th- Book Week
Wednesday 22nd- Friday 24th Log Cabin Camp

Tuesday 4th- Whole school production @ Kingston Arts Centre. Rehearsal in the morning followed by a Matinee performance during the day and an evening performance afterwards.
Friday 21st- Final day of school & whole school footy day

WEEKS  1,2 & 3
In READING the students have been learning how to make stronger connections between what they read, their lives, other texts and the world around them so they can create a stronger understanding of what they have read. They have also been developing their understanding of visualising and how the words they write can have a strong influence on the images created in our minds.

For the past three weeks in WRITING a range of different procedures. They have been looking at the structures we use for writing procedure and the different types of procedures that we use and follow in our everyday lives.

In MATHS the students have been revisiting their understanding of place value and have applied their understanding in order to solve a range of different patterns presented to them. Last week (Week 2) we also began our ability based division groupings. The students have been working very hard developing their strategies for division and we look forward to seeing how they have progressed.
Students continue to be engaged in our INQUIRY unit by investigating both living and non-living things around the school. Last week the students had the opportunity to plant a range of seeds such as radish, broccoli, beans and tomatoes.

Our focus in SPELLING:

Week 1
Grade 3 Focus: The digraph /oy/ making the sound “oy” as in toy.
Grade 4 Focus: The digraph /ie/ making the sound E as in chief. “I before e except after c Week 2
Grade 3 Focus: The graph /q/ making the sound “k” as in queen
Grade 4 Focus: The trigraph /ure/ making the sound “eh” as in measure. “When a word ends in e, drop the e and add  Week 3
Grade 3 Focus: the graph /a/ making the sound as in baby.
Grade 4 Focus: words ending in the consonant suffix ness
In ICT the students have began there very first project using Google Classroom. They have created a PowerPoint document, chosen an insect to research and have began using Google or Encarta Kids to gather some information on their life cycle.


WEEK 4 & 5
Next week in READING we will continue our focus on Visualising and how different people see things differently based on their experiences. In Week 5, we will revisit predicting and how we can use the clues in a book to predict what might happen.
In WRITING the students will be investigating a number of different types of procedures that we use in our everyday lives. They will select one of their choice, write their own and then publish it.

In MATHS next week, the students will finish off their division groups and will complete a post assessment to identify any gaps in their knowledge. They will also continue with our scaffolding numeracy unit. In Week 5 they will begin looking at maps and angles in preparation for our orienteering at camp.

For SPELLING we will be focusing on:
Week 4:
Grade 3 Focus: a banana and al half
Grade 4 Focus: V as in voice

Week 5
Grade 3 Focus: g as in giant
Grade 4 Focus: Y as in yawn and i as in onion

Over the next two weeks in INQUIRY the students will be observing their plants and identifying some of the factors that may affect the growth and life of living things.

In ICT next week, the students will continue their Life Cycle PowerPoint and will begin to develop their skills of editing text to change the colour, font, font size and alignment on the page.

  • We have began our Friday morning athletic rotations so students need to ensure they are wearing appropriate footwear
  • Please remember to bring back medical forms and make the final camp payments.
  • If there are any parents free on a Friday morning, we would appreciate any help running our athletics events





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