Thursday, 23 November 2017

Middle School Newsletter: Volume 16

Middle School Newsletter: Volume 15

Term 4

Weeks 6 & 7

What's happening in the Middle School?

"Money, money, money.....always a rich man's world".

This term is flying as we approach week 8. The students are to be commended on their positive attitude and willingness to complete a mountain of assessment beneficial for report writing. They have all been outstanding at this!

STOMP Dance has begun and from the standard of the students in the first session, I can assure you that the end of year performance will be amazing from the Middle School. See some pics below.

During this hot weather (my favourite), please remind your child to pack a drink bottle, the school uniform wide brimmed hat and sunscreen each day.

  Remember to check for new events in the Calendar Dates section below.


Learning and Teaching

We Are Learning To (WALT)....


combine prior knowledge with new information to create new ideas (synthesising) know how words work using a word mapWRITING: 
poetry -  Found poems using pages from old books
transactional -writing letters to Santa

represent money in a number of ways and solve problems involving money
Week 6
Grade 3: plural rule words - words ending in f/fe drop the f/fe and add ves. Exceptions
Grade 4: the graph /l/ making the sound 'l' as in leg. Words of more than one syllable that end in /l/, usually double the 'l' and then add the vowel suffix

Week 7
Grade 3: the graph /u/ making the sound 'w' as in quilt
Grade 4: the letter /u/ making the 2 sounds 'y' and 'oo'

UNIT OF STUDY (Design and Technology): 

Ships Ahoy.....The boats are complete!! The students are now using Powerpoint to present the design process. Our 'Boat Launch Day' will be conducted at the Duck Park on Monday 3rd December.
Families are welcome to attend this but if you cannot make it, there will also be a presentation in the Middle School during week 10 for you to see your child's boat, Powerpoint presentation and work completed for this unit.

Takes great strength to be sensible.
Emotional triggers and how we react to the triggers.

Term 4 Calendar Dates

Thursday 16/11, 23/11, 30/11, 7/12, 14/12: STOMP dance program.

Monday 27th November: Middle School Taskworks excursion. Please be at school at 9am sharp. See Flexibuzz for what to wear and bring on the day.

Tuesday 28th November: Curriculum Day...sleep in....zzzzz

Friday 1st December: Whole School Rainbow-A-Thon. 9-11am. Information and sponsor forms have been handed out today and need to be returned before Wednesday 13th December.

Friday 8th December: Whole School House Athletics - all day

Friday 15th December: Carols Night

Friday 22nd December: Last Day of Term 4- Deck the Halls!!!!!!!!

In the Spotlight......STOMP STOMP!


Have a great week,

Nikki, Jess, Matt and Nick



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