Monday, 11 December 2017

Middle School Newsletter: Volume 17

Middle School Newsletter: Volume 16

Term 4

Weeks 8 & 9

What's happening in the Middle School?

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."

Well, it's that time of year again! Christmas decorations going up and carols being sung. We have a busy couple of weeks coming up to make sure that the time flies and we will all be on summer holidays before we know it.

The Middle School have been reflecting upon their learning and looking forward to the new adventures that await next year.

During this hot weather (my favourite), please remind your child to pack a drink bottle, the school uniform wide brimmed hat and sunscreen each day.

 Remember to check for new events in the Calendar Dates section below.


Learning and Teaching

We Are Learning To (WALT)....

know how words work using a word map
reflect upon the reading strategies and how they help us to comprehend what we read

transactional - writing letters to Santa and invitations to our parents for our open afternoon

explore 2D and 3D shapes (including the properties of these shapes and symmetry)

Week 9:
Grade 3: The digraph /se/ making the sound “z” as in cheese.
Grade 4: The graph /a/ making the sound “a’ as in ant
UNIT OF STUDY (Design and Technology): 

On Monday the Middle School students ventured down to the Duck Park to test their
boats! Over the course of the term the teams have worked together to plan, design and build their boats using recycled materials. Their design brief was to transport a packet of biscuits and most groups were successful! Photos are below.

Takes great strength to be sensible.
Emotional triggers and how we react to the triggers.

Term 4 Calendar Dates

Thursday 7/12, 14/12: STOMP dance program.

Friday 8th December: Whole School House Athletics - all day

Monday 11th December: Whole School Rainbow-A-Thon. 9-11am. Information and sponsor forms have been handed out today and need to be returned ASAP

Friday 15th December: Carols Night

Wednesday 20th December: Middle School end of year party at Southern Road park

Friday 22nd December: Last Day of Term 4- Deck the Halls!!!!!!!!


In the Spotlight......Taskworks Excursion!


In the Spotlight......Boat Launch Day!

Have a very merry Christmas,

Nikki, Jess, Matt and Nick



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